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Enjoy our newest attraction - Sandy Creek Park!

Emory recently purchased approximately 13 acres of land at the end of North Street in downtown Emory.
The land is actively being transformed into a community park.  As of 2017, the park area has a beautiful walking trail, picnic tables and a concrete pad with some electricity for events.  We are currently holding concerts and other community events there, as well as, our annual Halloween event: Sandy Creek Spooktacular. See below for more information on the progress. 

Park Plans

The initial plans for the park included a walking trail, bridges to go over the creek area, clearing of land and potential parking.  The second phase of the project hopes to add a splash pad area, pocket playgrounds, permanent bathroom facilities, and possibly other amenities.  Safety features such as permanent lighting will also be added.  The city is currently awaiting processing of grant applications to start this phase of the project. 


Grant from TNMP allows progress in park

In 2015, Texas New Mexico Power awarded the City of Emory with a $5,000 Power Up Grant to install three iron bridges over the creek areas of the park. In 2017, the City of Emory applied for another Power Up Grant to install safety fencing around the playground area at the city's other park: Rubye McKeown Park.  The City would like to thank both TNMP and Hooten's Hardware for their assistance in the installation of the bridges at Sandy Creek Park. 

Events now held at Sandy Creek Park

Since the completion of the walking trails, the City has hosted several events at Sandy Creek Park, including community concerts, the annual Founder's Day Concert and Sandy Creek Spooktacular (formerly Trunk or Treat).  This park will accommodate many more events in the future. 

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